Program Artifacts

[ahr-tuh-fakt] noun  1.) any object made by human beings, especially with a view to subsequent use  2.) something viewed as a product of human conception or agency rather than an inherent element

The artifacts presented throughout this site are examples of my work within the USC Educational Technology Program and are categorized according to how they demonstrate mastery of the Association for Educational Communication and Technology (AECT) Standards. AECT is a professional association of educators and others whose focus is improving instruction through technology. The standards are concerned primarily with the curriculum and candidate competencies required for initial programs in the area of educational communications and instructional technologies (ECIT) and as such provide a useful lens through which to view the work completed within the Educational Technology Master's program. The standards address five major aspects of instructional design—Design, Development, Utilization, Management, and Evaluation—and a detailed description of artifacts within each of these categories can be accessed through these links or in the image slider above.