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Creating Simple Screencasts

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About Camtasia Studio

What is Camtasia Studio?

Techsmith's Camtasia Studio is a screencasting software designed to capture the user's computer screen. With Camtasia Studio, you can choose to capture a portion of your screen, or record in full-screen mode. Camtasia Studio has several options for creating and editing your screencast with use of a webcam, audio and video effects, callout graphics, imported media, and embedded text. The finished product can then be published as a video and shared with others.

Why should I use Camtasia Studio as an educator?

Bring your instruction into the 21st century and put video to work in your teaching! With Camtasia Studio, you can capture lectures in real time by recording your screen and webcam during face-to-face instruction, or prepare your screencasts in advance and post online to Blackboard CMS for students to view and replay as many times as needed to optimize understanding of material. Give your students access to course content 24/7, lightening your load by minimizing emails from students that have missed a course meeting or need extra help understanding course materials.

Camtasia Studio software is smart, quick to learn, and feature rich. Edit for polish, or keep it simple. Add self-quizzes and callouts. Produce and share high-quality videos students can access anywhere. With Camtasia Studio, you can even produce for portable devices like an iPod or iPhone, a blog, and more. Once you have created your screencast, it can be reused for years to come, and easily edited if you would like to add, remove, or change content.

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