Program Course List

The list below comprises the coursework in my M.Ed. program of study. Links below select course titles are examples of work completed.

Foundation and Theory Courses

EDRM 700: Introduction to Research in Education
EDET 709: Applications of Learning Principles
EDCSJ 725: Principles of Curriculum Construction

Instructional Design Courses

EDET 603: Design & Development Tools I
   Course Portfolio
EDET 650: Internship in Educational Technology
   Internship Wiki: “An Online Roadside Operations Safety Course for SC Firefighters
EDET 703: Design & Development Tools II
   Group Project Wiki
   Completed Project: “Camtasia Tutorial
EDET 722: Instructional Design & Assessment
   Group Project: Book Builder “Instruments of the Orchestra
EDET 755: Design and Evaluation of Information Access and Delivery
   CourseSites Course: “Introduction to Grantwriting”
EDET 793: Advanced Instructional Design & Development
   Online Module: “Reaching Out With Respite

Technology Courses

EDET 735: Technology for Diverse Populations
   Project Site: "Using Google Sites to Support Collaborative Learning and UDL"
   Newsletter : "2012 SC AT Expo"
EDET 746: Management of Technology Resources
   Group Project Wiki
   Completed Project: “Creating Accessible Instructional Materials
EDET 780: Research Seminar in Educational Technology