Candidate demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to develop instructional materials and experiences using print, audiovisual, computer-based, and integrated technologies.

"Eliminating TB: Together We Can"

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Context: This project was completed in fulfillment of a Flash-related assignment for EDET J703 – Design and Development Tools II. The subject of the project is a photo exhibit that my employing organization sponsored at the McKissick Museum on the USC Columbia campus for several weeks in March, 2011.
Conditions: This project was developed as a feature to be placed on the Web site of the Institute for Families in Society to promote the exhibit. It needed to be congruent in appearance and focus with other materials developed for the event, while also meeting the specific requirements of the course assignment.
Scope: The video is complete but is not currently in use as it was for a time-specific event in 2011.
Role: As this was an individual project, I completed all of the roles required to develop the video.

Performance indicators:
2.0.1 Select appropriate media to produce effective learning environments using technology resources.
2.0.2 Use appropriate analog and digital productivity tools to develop instructional and professional products.

This project combined various elements so as to make use of the dynamic properties of the Flash development tool. The completed version of the video was designed to be delivered within a Web-based environment and was supplemented with correlated print materials for the purpose of promoting the exhibit.

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